Top shot of a girl in a white dress holding a cup of black coffee. Beside her, a white pillow.
A girl in a white dress sitting on a black, swinging chair. She sets her black coffee down upon a table in front of her. We don't see the table, but we can sense the motion.
The girl in a white dress in a straw swiveling chair, holds her drawing pad. Her mind is somewhere afar. She's here but she's not. One of her legs is stretched out and is rested upon the couch in front of her. A lot of light is coming through the curtains behind.
Back shot. We see a girl drawing on her pad. Initial sketch - only an outline is visible.
Kneeling on the floor, the girl in a white dress is holding a piece of paper from her drawing pad.
Her pair of hands are drawing circles upon a blank piece of white paper. Her movements are fast, her energy high. Circle, upon a circle, upon a circle.
On the carpet, we see torn pieces of paper from the drawing pad. A pencil is hidden somewhere within the carpet. Hairy carpet. There's a cup of coffee right up in the corner, almost insignificant to the whole story.
Wearing a paper crown, she adjust the painting on the wall. It's a modified version of Picasso's work.
We see pair of hands, palms facing upwards, almost in surrender. The hands are within jagged circle lines previously drawn upon blank paper.