Infinity: Black and white photograph of concentric circles. BELEF, 2013, Belgrade, Serbia.
Boy in a hood: Black and white image showing a detail from a clay sculpture displayed during BELEF festival, 2013, Belgrade, Serbia.
Source of life: Black and white photography. Details from BNU and BELEF in Belgrade, Serbia.
Birth of Bambi: Black and white details from clay sculptures. Photographed during BNU and BELEF in Belgrade, Serbia, 2013.
Juke Box: B & W photograph of a detail from an art exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia, during BELEF festival, 2013.
Fall: Black and white photograph of vertical grooves shaped in clay; BELEF, 2013, Belgrade, Serbia.
Hallway: Black and white photo of a clay detail. Combination of light and shadow.
Moon landing: Black and white image captured as a detail of clay sculpture. Photographed at BNU and BELEF festival in Belgrade, Serbia, 2013.
Wind and fire: Clay details captured in a black and white image. BELEF and BNU, Belgrade, Serbia.