Personal art / concept photography project featuring Victoria Wilson.
"A doll essence" photography project styled by Ivana A and shot by fashion photographer Atif AbuSamra.
Personal photography project with Victoria Willson Borasio, styled by Ivana Arsenijevic and photographed by Atif AbuSamra. Makeup artist: Marcia Lima.
Lying in the gutter, on a wet asphalt floor of an abandoned parking lot, the model Victoria, ponders over her life, unable to escape her dark and twisted destiny. She 's been pampered and treated like a doll and now she can't function.
Victoria Borasio Willson photographed by Atif AbuSamra for a personal project titled "A doll Essence". Wearing a short red dress, black jacket and black boots, in a white shirt and reminiscent of Managa cartoons. Styled by Ivana Arsenijevic, with makeup by Marcia Lima.
Photography project by Atif AbuSamra. Make up by Marcia Lima. Wardrobe styling by Ivana Arsenijevic. The image depicts Victoria shot in a jail line up, confused and unaware of what kind of life has been served to her.