Fashion photograph of Vesna in a beautiful red dress and wearing a long scarf, standing by a wall of barasti. Photographed by Atif AbuSamra in Dubai.
Vesna Vrankovic, an international model, poses by a pole next to a pile of barasti. She is wearing a white jacket and a short black skirt.
Fashion lifestyle shot of Vesna wearing a white jacket and colourful trousers. Photographed by Atif AbuSamra, professional photographer.
Fashion photograph of Vesna Vrankovic wearing a hat and a short white skirt and standing by a ladder. Photographed by Atif AbuSamra in Dubai.
Vesna Vrankovic in a black floral dress, models in front of Atif AbuSamra's camera lens. The image was captured in Bastakiya, an old part of Dubai.
Vesna Vrankovic, international model based in Dubai, poses in a driving seat for fashion photographer Atif AbuSamra.
Photograph of Vesna Vrankovic laying in a white summer dress, between two boats ashore, photographed by Atif AbuSamra.
Model Vesna photographed by Atif AbuSamra, on the shorelines of Dubai.