White Ferrari Portofino, parked outside the entrance to Desert Palm Resort, Dubai, UAE.
Male fashion model, in blue top and shorts, leaning against a white Ferrari Portofino. In the foreground, foliage blur partially obstructs the view.
Male fashion model, in creamy white suit, with a white t-shirt beneath, is leaning against a white Ferrari Portofino. He's having a coffee, and the world is at peace.
In this shot, we see a male fashion model sitting in the boot of the Ferrari Portofino.
Side view of a white convertible Ferrari Portofino. In the background, on a porch, a male fashion model is leaning against a timber column and holding a jacket over his shoulder.
At the horse stables, Ferrari Portofino is parked outside the house as a male fashion model is leading a horse to a race track.
Ferrari Portofino racing across a grassy track. Next to it, in the background, a male fashion model is seen riding a horse.
A sunlit shot of a male fashion model holding a bag. On his hand, a wrist watch can be seen. In the background, a white Ferrari Portofino.
Rear view of Ferrari Portofino in motion, as it navigates through a dusty road surrounded by trees. It's a sunny day, and the light creeps in through the branches, casting shadows upon the dusty road.