Light On!
Car Photography Editorial opening spread featuring Ferrari 488 Spider Bianco (off white). The open top car is parked in a garage. Lights are about to be put on.
Heading Out!
The male protagonist (Vladica) is getting to his open top Ferrari 488 Spider. It's a night scene. The floor is wet. The car reflections can be seen in the pockets of water dotted around the paved surface.
The Encounter.
Night Scene. The female model is about to get out of her yellow Ferrari 488 GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta). She is wearing a blue dress. As she steps on the road asphalt surface, her high heels cast a long shadow.
The Encounter.
Night scene. The female fashion model is standing with her legs slightly apart. She is in front of Ferrari 488 GTB Giallo. In the background, traffic lights can be seen.
Match Making.
Night Scene. Landscape shot (double page spread) in which we can see both cars (488 GTB and 488 Spider). The male model is standing in front of his off-white Ferrari. The female model, who is wearing a long dress, is standing in front of her Giallo Ferrari.
The wait.
The interior shot at night. We can see the male model sitting in his car. He is holding one hand on the steering wheel. The other hand is not in the shot frame. We can see a prominent Ferrari logo on the steering wheel of the car.
The Devil is in the detail.
Night shot of a man is sitting inside a car. He is waiting. On his hand, a trendy blue wrist watch can be seen.
She's Gone!
Top shot at night. We can see the top of the Ferrari 488 GTB speeding on the street. The image of female model is superimposed over the whole scene.