Dubai model Emma, in a beauty editorial shoot styled by Gino Alducente. Makeup by Melanie Flores of M.A.C Cosmetics. Shot by Dubai's beauty photographer Atif AbuSamra.
Photograph of Emma, dubai based fashion model, on a shoot styled by Ginno Alducente and photographed by a Dubai photographer Atif AbuSamra.
Beautiful model Emma, styled by Ginno Alducente, with Malanie Flores providing make up, is photographed in Dubai by a beauty photographer Atif AbuSamra.
Photograph of Emma, posing for Atif, beauty photographer in Dubai, holding a small white crown and looking wet. Wardrobe stylist and hair: Ginno Alducente; makeup artist: Melanie Flores.
Model Emma, with dark coloured lips, wearing a mask and big sparkly earings. Back light shot. Makeup art by Melanie Flores of MAC Cosmetics. Photo shoot styled by Ginno Alducente. Beauty photograph taken by Atif AbuSamra, in Dubai.